The Silence that Binds

A sisterhood who cares for the ghosts of the hollowstones. A curse that devours and changes all it touches. A moment in time that reverberates with sorrow through the ages.

Coming this April from Vernacular Books.

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Close Your Eyes

Language is a virus. Open this book. Read the words. Feel them infect you. Identity is a disease. Flip the pages. Stay up all night. Watch it transform you. You cannot deny it. You cannot close your eyes and shut out the changes. You know you want to. You really want to. But it’s too late. You can’t.

Glass Coffin Girls

A collection of surreal,  experimental short stories published by PS Publishing in the UK and with a foreword by Jeff Vandermeer.


An illustrated journal of body horror, coming of age sacrifices, and the tribulations of family and friends.

Open Your Eyes

The original, the strangest and the most surreal mind bending space opera. This was the stand alone novella, eventually included with a sequel and a short story prequel with Close Your Eyes.