Announcing a brand spanking new Weird and Surreal Space Opera for 2018

Apex books acquired my novella sequel to Open Your Eyes (called Close Your Mouth). The plan is to combine it with Open Your Eyes and a short story prequel, and publish it all together as a novel (since they do work well together as a novel, the way the timelines work and etc). Basically, it’s an old school style fix-up. Which makes my pulp brain twitter with delight.

Should be out mid-to-late 2018. Here’s the official post at Apex-

And here’s an excerpt from Close Your Mouth, to sort of wet your appetite-

Itsasu’s Room:

Not large at all, barely wide enough for a few things here and there. Scattered about, small and claustrophobic. A bed that breathed at night with wet noises. Splish. Splish. Splish. A wall that was more shelves than space. Covered in tiny vials and tubes and random pages cut out of books. Yellow, those pages. Haunted, those pages. She read them a few times over the years. But the words never stuck in her mind. Always left a whisper and nothing else.

A bejeweled skull on the corner of her breathing bed. You could smell the AI dust roaming about it. The smell of yeast. Growing, growing, and devouring the air. That kind of yeast that suffocates you and brings you close to death. That was the smell of her memories. Populating that skull. Giving it crude life. Almost her husband. Not quite. Something broken in the way he spoke. Something hollow and peppered with randomness.

Another wall, another map. This one crude hand drawn. She’d tried to map out the egia so many times. But her hands. So rough, so broken. Hands that were not the right kind of hands. Grown from bird beaks and crow’s feet. Stitched and attached and she was more doll than person now. How much left of her was real? How much left of her was torn out and taken away?

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