Day 5 of 360 Days of Symbols. Today’s symbol? Eclipse.

Your shadow falls across her, eclipsing the face, the eyes, the hair. Between the sun and her your body stands, creating shadow were light once lived. Now is only the glowing outline of form, now is the void of self inside the shadow. What lies beneath the shadow is a universe, hidden just out of sight. A landscape of canals and cities, a place of lost lunar children crawling on the surface, seeking that light that left them there in darkness and in shadow.

Between the earth and the sun is shadow. between the moon and sun is shadow. Everything exists in these shadow lands. During the time of the eclipse the world changes, and a between world appears. A shadow landscape.

It is this space between us. Between the light, the object, the nothingness that rises. Shadows obscure, occlude. Shadows reveal, create truth in hiding.

A shadow hand extends, outlined only by light, pulling in reflected rays of the sun. The fear of the dark is the fear of the self. The eclipse lasts only moments, and then the figure becomes real again, she becomes real again. The hidden is now light and the surreal becomes mundane. The shadowlands became nothingness once again and only the void remains.

But for a moment. Yes, for a moment. There was a secret revealed.  The shadow, the whisper, the moment between moments. The eclipse of lives.

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