Crescent: #360DaysofSymbols

Day 4 of 360 Days of Symbols. Today’s symbol? The crescent.

The smile moved from person to person, spreading rapidly. Like a sneeze to a cold, each time someone saw that milk of moon on a face they spread their lips wide as well, teeth all shiningsharp. One, two, three, you can watch it dance on face to face, just sit above and there it moves, the crowd slowly smiling all at once, moving through like a wave, like a ripple.

They were human echoes.

You can run for a bit. Try and resist. Keep your mouth down in a frown, but it doesn’t last. You feel a grin coming on, happy memories bubbling up, but you have to bite your lips for pain, force it back down. The smiling ones are changed. They can’t stop smiling and their eyes go blue all over and their hair turns white.

Eventually they start laughing but not a normal laugh. Your doctor called it a cheshire laugh, back when he was warning you, telling you of vaccines to prevent. They didn’t work. He didn’t work.

Now he sits on stone steps laughing white hair blue eyed laughing and that smile, that smile doesn’t stop. Another swings from hanging lamps smiling and then another runs around on all fours, his head moving in ways human heads don’t move.

And you remember your brother climbing up the playground bars and standing on the top and the sun rising behind him, shadowing his form in golden rays.

And you can’t help it. You smile. A perfect crescent moon on your face.

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