Sun: #360DaysofSymbols

Here is day 4 of the 360 Days of Symbols. This symbol is Sun.

For this one I decided to make a mock excerpt from a fictional epic poem from some long ago elsewhere planet/fantasy world. Consider this something that might be at the start of a secondary world fantasy novel, like the excerpts in the EarthSea books

“sky dragon hear me
I sing in your ruins
and run over the bones of your brotherearth

sky dragon hear me
I am not the child of a ruler
I am not a godthing
I am the humble one
and my heart is the size of a thimble

sky dragon hear me
bring me up through the veil of clouds
burn me with your daystar embrace
give me the gift of your fire

make me dragon blood and dragon skin
and let my breath be the thunder of fear
and the nightmare songs of my enemies”

From the third tablet of Enlial
Author unkown
Rough translation

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