Star: #360DaysofSymbols

Here’s day 3 of the 360 Days of Symbols. This symbol is Star.

Nymue havests constellations from the hearts of dying giants. She sneaks into the floating hospital, crawling across chains and homesick in her heart. Dressed like whiteblood cells and pills, she sneaks in through the digestion, and cuts through stomach walls, climbing up the spine, up to the ribs, and prying open that heartcage and pulling out stars by the handful.

Later she forces the stars to be nova suns, using the explosive energy to propel her sailing home in the darkness between worlds. There is a sadness, a regret to what she must do. She tells herself the giants were dying anyway, they were mostly bones, turning into stone and dirt, hair becoming trees and heads the hills around her. She knows this, yet still she is sad, she doesn’t want to do what she does.

Her daughter waits for her. Years made of light, far away and hidden behind comets and singing planets. There, there, she waits, not knowing her mom was stranded on haunted planets, not knowing her mom fought with ghosts for the bones of her ship.

But now it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. These hearts were good stars,the energy trapped inside full of explosive memories.

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