A Daily Literary Experiment

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do something I feel is at least a little unique, somewhat interesting, maybe unsettling…

Just recently I got Taschen’s The Book of SymbolsI was thinking about how symbols applied to writing, etc, and I thought- why not take each symbol in the book, and write about it each day? It would be nice to get back into daily writing, and it’s a project I would enjoy.

The plan, then, is to move through the book sequentially and then each day write something  on each one, a different thing each day. A mini play. A poem, A flash fiction a short story, whatever. Just whatever takes me. Essays? Sure. Just inspired by the symbols.

And then, of course, blog it. Each day. 360 symbols, so it’s just short of one year. I like this idea quiet a bit- wanted to get back into daily writing again (I tend to write in bursts these days…a week of intense writing, no writing for a month, etc). I liked daily writing before, and it will be nice to return to it. Also, I love me some symbols, especially of the archetypal variety.  Something I’ve always loved to include in my writing, which I feel works best when I express characters through the symbolic nature of their reality, etc.

10 thoughts on “A Daily Literary Experiment

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