storms inside thunder tongues

see see see here’s the thing I was thinking about The Average American Male and what bothered me the most about it, was that in almost all the reviews all places people were saying shit like “this is what all guys think like” and “this is what all guys have on their minds at all time” and you know what? No. The book is leading voice to the chorus of people who want to use this kind of thing as an excuse, and yeah the book was meant to be ironical (that was obvious from the get go) but that doesn’t mean it’s not adding to this:

When you think about this and you think about stuff, like the first part of Broom of the System when the sorority girls are being threatened and coerced by a bunch of thicknecks and you have to think, you have to realize that a lot of men, especially men who are writers are not a part of this. Yet there is a culture now, made more visible through the internet, where jackasses who do think like this are granted blank masks that hide who they are so they can say what they think with immunity and impunity. And also look at Vice columns and all these other places, where it’s all masked as irony, as a put on, yet you have to know that behind the irony curtain there is truth dwelling there, a dark truth

I wonder if the internet has exacerbated it….made the culture more visible. And what I hate is when they hide behind this, and say things like “this is how it really is” like it’s some excuse for the way they act and think, like “hey he knows he’s an assfuck, at least he’s honest” and yet and yet and yet

One thing that struck me is how little the Average American Male says his thoughts outloud, and you have to realize that this  character will seem like niceguy to a lot of girls in real life because these thoughts are hidden thoughts. I don’t know. It’s odd how much this book makes me think…and makes me angry…and makes me think again. What are we doing as a culture? On one hand yes yes, is good that he shined some lights on this kind of personality. On the other side hand side coin whatever, you have a male chorus of voices online (and female ones too who buy into this myth of american machismo) saying oh no oh no this is it, this is how guys really think

but why? we don’t all have constant running screaming fuck shit bitch whore thoughts in our head. why is this considered an archetype so many guys want to pursue?  It must have to do with their male privilege roaring up and letting them do shit they think they can get away with because well, hey it’s just a guy thing right it’s just a guy thing

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