I like small books

And not just in word length, but small books, smaller books, books that are square shape, books that are unique shaped. Books that are novella length and wear there size on their sleeves like hearts dangling vulnerable and free. Slim things, quick punch hour or two worth of reading things, or even less things. Like half hour book assaults. Perfect for my busy hours, when I want more than a short story and less than some behemoth of a book that devours me like white whale with ink coated pages.

Tiny books you can hide in other books (hollowed out books of course). Books that make you realize there is more to this than giant things, books that are about tiny aspects, small moments, the ones that contain the beauty of universes, the moments that when sliced together from end to end make us us. In these small books, slim books, quick punch books, you have more to explore what it means to be  human  and memory filled. It’s more about being and less about encompassing.

Oh, isn’t June Novella Month? Perfect time. Perfect moment. Buy a small book, burn a large book, set yourself free of the chains of epicness, of giantess, of largeness for the sake of largeness…


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