Hanna: movie minireview

  • This movie is not what the trailers make it out to be
  • It’s a very very interesting film, and if it doesn’t become a cult classic something is wrong with the world
  • It’s action packed, but not an action movie. It asks questions, provokes you
  • The fairy tale theme adds so many layers to it
  • Yet, it doesn’t make it less real, it makes it even more real-feeling
  • The director said David Lynch’s movies influenced this. And you can see it. But not in the way plot or characters move, but in the detailed cinematography, in the way he uses camera and light and music
  • And unlike a Lynch film, the way he views the world enhances the reality of it
  • The surrealness makes it deeper, more real
  • More of  a human experience
  • I could talk about every singe scene in the movie for hours
  • Every frame in this movie for hours
  • He does so much with so little
  • Motion, geometry, it becomes an abstract form of art itself
  • A way of recording a heightened reality
  • The uber-real moments (like with the British family) enhances this all the more
  • This is a deeply felt film, a character film
  • A psychological landscape, a projection of Hanna onto celluloid
  • This doesn’t feel like a movie made today
  • Movies have become so slick, especially action films
  • They become deprived of reality, of earthiness
  • They feel like they’re happening in a music video
  • Loud, bright, shiny
  • This movie is earthy. It’s urban. It’s powerful and emotional
  • Even in its surreality, it is more real than any film I’ve seen in a long while
  • Even the title shot, it feels like something from a 70’s indie film
  • Reminds me of Taxi Driver. King of Comedy. Movies like that.

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