House of Discarded Dreams Blog Carnival

This week we’ll be hosting a blog carnival for Ekaterina Sedia’s fantastic House of Discarded Dreams. To participate, respond to this blog post with a link to your own blog we’re you’re discussing the book, talking about it, whatever. Praising it, writing fan fic for it, personal essays, anything goes. Just have fun with it.

I’ll be doing my own post a little later today, and here’s one already from J. M. McDermott:

And here’s one by me:

And here’s three by Erudite Ogre

3 thoughts on “House of Discarded Dreams Blog Carnival

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  2. Here is another:

    Oh wait. no there isn’t. Blogger is completely fubared! As soon as it comes back up I will link to the piece I wrote the other night. I have something scribbled for yesterday but could not upload it. When I do I will post it, along with a brief roundup for today.

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