In which I respond to more responses on the wheel of Epic Fantasy

Another response in the fray:
So does a book have to be about large-scale war to qualify as epic fantasy? I don’t believe so, but I do feel its has to encompass, in some way, the grand sweep of events—and large-scale war can serve as convenient shorthand for that.

Interesting. I’m not sure I agree with that statement- grand sweep of events- just because I think things can still be Epic without grand sweeping. Wait, I know, what? But really, think for a moment- the original epic poems (where the word burned it’s meanings) were not grand sweeping events.  Odysseus’s search to go home? Not grand, nor sweeping. A long, painful, personal journey, were a lot of growth and adventures happen, yes. But it’s not globally grand, it’s not sweeping.

I have this feeling that Epic Fantasy can take this meaning- can be Epic in a way that we’re currently ignoring. I can’t quite phrase it out properly in words, but its the feeling I have that something can still feel epic, still be called epic, still bring that feeling of largeness into a narrative without having to involve grand scales. There are other ways, I think…but it’s hard to explain, and not very many people have done it. But I do think it’s possible.

3 thoughts on “In which I respond to more responses on the wheel of Epic Fantasy

  1. I concur with this as well. An epic is a journey, often poetic (and we can play with that sense of it), long, and rambling, honestly, that gets to the value of a person’s life, often through some sort of quest, but sometimes just in the course of them living their life under difficult circumstances. It has mythic resonance, but also deep emotional and psychological elements as well.

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