Short Review of Noise by Darin Bradley

You want this book. If you’re reading my blog, than I know what you like and what you enjoy reading and let me tell you flat out, right now: you want this book. You will covet this book and re-read it multiple times. You will search for meaning behind the words, the layers just hidden out of sight. You will peer over, read with your breath held at all the escalating violence and terror and wonder and love and then just when you think, holy shit, I need to rest, I need to stop, this book is wearing me out, I’m thin and hollow and can’t go on– that’s when the shit really picks up and you can’t stop.

It’s the kind of book that leaves you breathless haunted and in awe. It makes me think of Little Brother meets Lord of the Flies meets Heart of Darkness meets Mad Max and the Road Warrior meets Letham. It’s a ride, fast and sure, and even though it seems like a YA dystopian novel, like another Hunger Games or the Japanese book Battle Royal, he takes it and makes it so unique, so different, so blood curdling awesome. And he does that one thing all real interesting and smart genre writers try to do and fail miserably over and over and over again- he combines literary feats of philosophical inquiry and metafictional prowess with the steady rhythm and accessibility of a powerful fast read of a gut punch of a novel. In other words- you want this book.

It’s coming in August from Bantam Spectra. Check it here-
and check out the awesome website he has for it here-

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